Family-owned and operated, Sid’s Storage is a spacious RV storage facility located at the corner of Stoney and Metis Trail NE. With excellent customer service (from real live PEOPLE) we make it easy to access and manage your storage needs. 

We take great pride in the security of our facility and provide all the amenities you need for storing your recreational vehicles.

Facility Amenities - Included in Rental

Rodent Control
Booster Pack
Firewood (when available)
Personal Access Code
Daylight Only Access
Online Booking
Secure Online Payments
Excellent Customer Service

Facility Details

At Sid’s Storage, we take pride in providing top-notch facilities for your valuable recreational vehicles. Here's a closer look at what sets us apart:

Surface Treatment:

4 inches of 50-mill compacted road gravel on a hard-packed clay base ensures a stable and durable surface for your RVs.

Engineered Slope and Drainage:

A precisely engineered 1.5-degree slope and efficient ditching system ensure quick and effective drainage, safeguarding your vehicles from water damage.

Recycled Asphalt Roads:

Our use of recycled asphalt in roads not only aids percolation of rain and melting snow but also helps in dust control, creating a cleaner environment.

Flat Surface Advantage:

With a virtually flat surface, parking is made remarkably easier, providing convenience for all types of vehicles.

Spacious Stalls:

Our well-marked 13 ft. stalls are larger than those found at most other facilities, allowing for comfortable and secure storage of your RV.

Driveways Designed for Ease:

Wide turning radii and angled parking options in our driveways make maneuvering and parking a breeze, even for larger RVs.

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